Should "gender" attribute be eliminated from MapleStory?

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Should "gender" attribute be eliminated from MapleStory?

Messagepar Cszcy » mar. 22 mai 2018 08:20

In my view, the "gender" feature should really be taken out of the Maplestory Mesos . Make all characters, equipment, and decorative elements gender-neutral.

Female and male characters have the exact same stats, exactly the same skills, and the same quests (rarely with minor conversation differences), with the exception of courses that are gender-locked due to narrative reasons (Mihile, Angelic Buster, and Zero). A character's "gender" can also be unrelated to the player's gender. Any participant can create characters of both sexes.

The one thing that a character's gender does is restrict the participant's cosmetic customization options. You can only use half of the hairstyles and half of the faces, and there are many cash shop equipment items and in-game anvil options that are obstructed by the gender you're using. These restrictions don't even do a particularly good job in preventing individuals from dressing as the "opposite" gender, since there are "April Fool's" face and hair styles, and you will find these matters as gender-neutral facial hair face accessories, or gender-neutral (or perhaps outright Male) frilly dresses.

So while people aim on cross-dressing their characters (which, I remind the reader, so do not even have to have the exact same sex as their owners) can do so, ordinary players that simply enjoy a thing that happens to get the opposite sex to their personality, can not utilize MS2 Mesos . (For instance, randomly considering this week's Cash Shop Update, it reveals the Paper Box and Ghost Uniform overall as Man. How are they man? The box is just a box along with the phantom uniform is a black dress, but "female" characters can not wear it) . Along with the popular gender-neutral CRA top and bottom have hardly any Fusion Anvil choices, simply because high and bottom items in the match, even fundamental T-shirts, have a gender.

Despite these constraints, the gender of a character does not actually affect how it's rendered. Whoever has used BannedStory or any other character simulator knows that the game just has one shape for a head and body sprite, and that, graphically, you can put any hairstyle/face/equipment on almost any character, blending and matching genders, without leading to any hitch in its animation.

So, I suggest that the "sex" feature simply be taken out of the game. Let the users personalize their characters in any way they see fit. If a user would like to make a feminine-looking character, they could. If they want a masculine-looking one, they could. And if they want a personality using a buzzcut and a dress, they could do that also. This will also allow any two characters to get married or discuss a few ring/shirt/chair/etc..

In terms of the gender-restricted clases: Mihile doesn't have greater motive to be gender-locked than Phantom, actually. Zero is equally genders anyway.

Angelic Buster's narrative quests might appear to "require" that it be female (and its transformed form be extra female), but even right now AB players have been allowed to customize their personality and make it seem quite a bit more "butch" than the story implies. The narrative can continue to be about a magical woman, while offering the players much more customization freedom.

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